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I was tagged by: :iconeshucreature:


You MUST post these rules.
You MUST give 10 legitimate facts about yourself, no bs please.
You MUST answer my questions to you fullest capacity.
You MUST tag 10 people, either you know them or you don't doesn't matter (as long as their actual people and not cyborgs)
Do NOT message me saying your too lazy to do it right now (You can do it whenever, but you WILL have to do it).
Lastly something that makes my tags a bit different you must add a link to a picture that describes the person you were tagged by.
Fact 1.) I'm lazy as shit.
Fact 2.) I'm well known for my black humor (is it the right translation?) Everyone in my class in school says I'm evil. er... In a good way, I think...
Fact 3.) I can drink liters and liters of alcohol bevor I get actually drunk. That kind of sucks because I have to use more money be become tipsy...
Fact 4.) I'm a Zelda-Freak. I just have my video consoles for The Legend of Zelda games.
Fact 5.) My English sucks.
Fact 6.) I dont like chocolate. I really despise it! Bah...
Fact 7.) I dont fall in love. Sure, I think some guys attractive, but my heart never flatter or shows symptoms of love. I dont know whether I like that because it saves me from lots of stress, or be sad, because I love reading love stories and would actually like to feel something similar to the actors...
Fact 8.) I love Hetalia, but never really watched the Anime or read the Manga. I know, how shamefull, but that isnt interesting for me. I live for the fanworks!
Fact 9.) I have tons of unfinished stories to work on (Comics and Fanfictions) but instead of completing them I just think about new ones... Pathetic.
Fact 10.) I never wrote a Journal Entry, so this is a bit embarrassing...
1) What is your greatest fear?
A: Dentists and Spiders. But when I think about it... Dentists. Definitly Dentists!
2) Do you have a lot of friends? If so, what is it like?
A: No, I have very few friends bt good ones.
3) What is your guilty pleasure? Don't be shy, we all have one.
A: Well... I really love the Spamano Pairing. That isnt a guilty pleasure, I know, but I have to confess I like the Pairing either way... Doesnt matter if the relationship is forced or some sort of shotacon... Thats really embarrassing... Why am I that honest?? I could have lied!!
4) What is your favorite accent?
A: Hm... Spanish, I guess, but I like Russian, too. ...No, my favorite is Spanish.
5) Do you give up easily? Why or why not?
A: Yes. As I mentioned I'm very lazy, so I rather choose compromises or give up on most things simply because they loose the worth in my eyes quickly...
6) What is your favorite anime/manga?
A: Haha... I would say Hetalia, but because I just like the fanworks, I cant say that. So... Dont know... There are to many good ones...
7) What is your favorite music genre?
A: Metal and rock.
8) What is your favorite quote? 
A: "Some people really need a high-five. In the face. With a chair."   (Yes, pensive)
9) Hat was the last book that you read for pleasure?
A: "Mansfield Park" from Jane Auston.
10) Name one thing that very few people know about you.
A: Despite my funny and emotional calm behavior in front of people, I'm a crybaby. I need Happy-Ends in fanfics or I have to sob every time I have to think about that story.
My questions:
1.) If you could have the stereotypical three wishes, what would you ask for?
2.) If you had the chance to harm any person you feel deserves it and you wouldnt be punished, would you kill anyone?
3.) I wanna know it: What is your guilty pleasure? Answer it, I did it as well...
4.) Whats your dream for the future? (And with dream I mean something unrealistic, something impossible to become true)
5.) Do you have to wear a school uniform in your school (if you go to school)? What do you think about that?
6.) Do you have any Tattoos or Piercings?
7.) Ehm... What Hetalia pairing do you prever? (dont tell me you dont know e___a)
8.) Do you play any free online games? If, which ones and how are they? (totally not using this for inspiration...)
9.) Name one thing that very few people know about you.
10.) What's your favorite music genre
My victims:



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